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Phoenix is home to 325 public schools in 30 school districts along with more than 200 charter and
private schools. The Youth and Education Programs Office acts as a liaison between the city
government and these schools; providing updated information to both governmental and
educational organizations.
The Education Tax Credit

Give Phoenix schools a little credit!

Everyone knows our schools need more resources. Many extra-curricular programs that once helped
produce a well-rounded education have been trimmed or eliminated—field trips, after-school classes,
sports, arts, music. Many teachers pay for classroom extras out of their own pockets.

Now, thanks to a state law, you can send the Phoenix school of your choice up to $400 if you are married
filing jointly and $200 if you file as an individual. It most likely won’t cost you anything, because it will come
right off the top of your state income taxes.
A Resource for Teaching Phoenix City Government

Local government provides an opportunity to learn about democracy and citizenship in a way that relates directly to students' lives. Phoenix is Your City
is designed as an introduction to the basic concepts of local government for sixth, seventh and eighth grade students. The guide can be adapted for
younger or older students, or used in part to explain specific concepts only.
Arizona School Information
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